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Lynn Hatfield - Artist, Sue Ehinger - Everyday Star (D-19)




Lynn Hatfield
Parkview Staff 

Sue Ehinger
Everyday Star
COO Parkview Hospital

I have had the privilege of working for Parkview Health and knowing Sue Ehinger for nearly 15 years. Sue has been a true inspiration as a proven Leader both at Parkview and in our community. She has served on numerous Boards that represent many areas of Healthcare as well as education. Her support of ARC/Dancing with the Stars both as a dancer and as a judge is represented in this painting as a graceful and carefree dancer holding an Easter lily. She has successfully raised a family while continuing her pursuit of higher education, in addition to her Board leadership at Trine University. The stack of books and apple on top represent her passion for learning, teaching and Parkview's mission "to improve the health of our communities". Sue is a black belt in Six Sigma, which proves her commitment to operating a LEAN organization. And finally, the beam represents not only the construction of Parkview Regional Medical Center, it also is a reminder that Sue has always had the ability to balance her life between family and work with incredible grace, relentless passion and above all…FAITH.