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Teri Marquart - Artist, Santa Brink - Everyday Star (E-3)




Teri Marquart
Professional Artist

Santa Brink
Everyday Star

"There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." Vincent Van Gogh, 1853-1890, Artist  

It takes a special person to be truly, selflessly generous. To give...sometimes to their own disadvantage, but always to the benefit of others.  I know this person.  She is a mentor, advocate, artist...friend. Santa Brin, a champion who fights for and defends those who cannot always speak for themselves; those who are left behind; those who need a helping hand.  Everyday people who have been touched by this Everyday Star.

Her personal history with ADD and Dyslexia coupled with her background as a Special Education Consultant have given her a keen awareness of struggle and the desire for success.  It is an understanding that drives her...turning a hardship into a passion for helping her community. Her tireless, never-say-never devotion is borne out of a genuine concern and love for others.  From at-risk children to underprivileged adults; unwanted animals to unrecognized artists; local charities to statewide agencies...Santa is the decisive defender of the underdog!  

A talented, highly recognized artist, Santa's artwork has been described as "bold, vibrant, and spontaneous with unbridled originality"...an equally appropriate description of her. I have chosen to depict Santa with simple symbols of art (a brush and palette), which is how I connect with her personally...her support and promotion of local artists is a cause we share.  The Picasso-esque profile is my attempt to mimic Santa's unique artistic expression...the spiked hair and dangle earrings are trademarks of her personal style.  The figures in the foreground represent the numerous individuals of all ages and colors she has helped throughout the years.  

Organizer, teacher, mother, daughter, wife...a strong woman who makes things happen in the community that is her home, and for the people that she loves.