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Johnathan Liechty - Artist, Dr. Ternae T. Jordan, Sr. - Everyday Star (E-7)




Jonathan Liechty
Parkview Staff 

Dr. Ternae T. Jordan, Sr. Everyday Star

Through dedication and service to the Fort Wayne community for over two decades, Dr. Ternae T. Jordan, Sr. has made an impact on our area youth. In 1992, Dr. Jordan founded Stop the Madness National, Inc., an organization dedicated to address youth violence, activity, and literacy. Dr. Jordan’s efforts have brought together families, churches, schools, law enforcement, and government to collaborate for better outcomes. Because of this work, the City of Fort Wayne has become a safer place with more opportunities for our young people to achieve success. Dr. Jordan has received many recognitions for his tireless service and community activism, including the Sagamore of the Wabash Award from Indiana Governor Joe Kernan and several appointments at state and national levels. He served locally as the pastor of Greater Progressive Baptist Church for many years, and he continues to serve in ministry with his family in Tennessee. We are happy to honor him for his contributions and legacy.

In this art piece, the dark silhouettes depict youth in various poses, signifying both struggle and victory over circumstances. The Fort Wayne cityscape serves as the backdrop and is presented in lighter colors to display the hope and opportunity of our community and the abounding presence of God.