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Matt Bell - Artist, Tom Hayhurst - Everyday Star (E-8)




Matt Bell
Celebrity Artist

Tom Hayhurst
Everyday Star

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to select Dr. Tom Hayhurst as my Everyday Star.  Dr. Hayhurst has spent a lifetime breathing life into our Northeast Indiana community.  As a highly regarded pulmonologist, he has brought the gift of breath to countless patients.  As a distinguished veteran and a tireless advocate for the care of Northeast Indiana‚Äôs veterans, he has given the breath of life to the causes of service and patriotism.  As a philanthropist he has breathed life into rural communities through his promotion of free health clinics.  As a public servant, he has breathed life into the many important causes he has championed.  Choosing an image that represented the Breath of Life seemed only appropriate to honor Dr. Tom Hayhurst, a man who would be an Everyday Star in any community, and a man that all of Northeast Indiana will always be proud to call one of its own.