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Kyle Conroy - Artist, Dr. Daryl Yost - Everyday Star (F-8)




Kyle Conroy
Student Artist
Anthis Career Center

Dr. Daryl Yost
Everyday Star

Daryl Yost was a teacher in Kokomo and Fort Wayne.  He moved up until eventually he became Superintendent of Allen County Schools.  He then became administrator for Taylor University.  Earlier this year he worked with Fort Wayne leaders to form a charter school for kids. He then started working with Hospice Home Care taking care of the elderly.  He helped further the development of home visiting nurses and hospice care for older people.

I chose Daryl Yost for the simple fact that my mother works for a home care business as a second job.  I see the dedication my mom puts in to her work and I can only imagine what kind of effort Daryl Yost contributes to a program like this.