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Mike Packnett - Artist, Jeanne Mirro - Everyday Star (E-17)




Mike Packnett
Parkview Staff
Parkview Hospital CEO


Jeanne Mirro
Everyday Star

For the last eight years, Jeanne Mirro has been a strong advocate for the arts in her role with the Indiana Arts Commission.  In her role as President of the Arts Commission, she traveled extensively across the state experiencing how the arts affect our quality of life in Indiana.  She has seen over and over how a healthy arts program can be a driving force for changing people’s lives and entire communities.   Jeanne believes that what is remembered most over generations are things that leave a “cultural footprint”, not politics or rhetoric  (and maybe cardiology advancements are remembered as well – got to keep Dr. Mike happy.)  Thanks Jeanne for your long leadership with the arts and for helping to make the state of Indiana and NE Indiana a better place for all of us!