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Sue Ehinger - Artist, Steve Hinkle - Everyday Star (E-19)




Sue Ehinger
Parkview Staff

Parkview Hospital COO

Steve Hinkle
Everyday Star

The former president of Easter Seals/ARC, Steve Hinkle, had a vision.  His vision was to create an event that would give the clients of Easter Seals/ARC the opportunity to be stars.  Steve's vision became a reality with the Dancing with the ARC Stars event.  Little did Steve know now many lives would be touched and changed by this very special night.  When I received the call to be a dancer for the 2010 Dancing with the ARC Stars event I had no idea how my soon-to-be dancing partner, Peter, would rock my world.  Peter taught me so very much.  He taught me to love every moment of life.  He taught me never to be afraid.  He taught me that ANYTHING is possible!  He taught me that we are all STARS in our own special way.  I will never forget the look on Peter's face and twinkle in his eyes when he looked at me following the event and said, "I am a star!"

Thank you, Steve, for pursuing your dream to make all the ARC dancers stars.  It is a night when dancers of all types of life challenges literally float on magical air.  Thank you, also, to my sister, Roxie, who has touched the lives of so many people at Easter Seals/ARC - what a tremendous difference you have made to so many people!