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Victoria Maisonneuve - Artist, Rick Ramsey - Everyday Star (F-1)




Victoria Maisonneuve
Parkview Staff 

Rick Ramsey
Everyday Star

Adversity to action is how I could describe my Everyday Star.  On November 21, 1987, Rick Ramsey's life was changed forever when he was involved in a car accident with a drunk driver.  The drunk driver was himself.  After falling asleep at the wheel, he was thrown from the car and pinned under the rear axle.  He was pronounced dead at the scene and a sheet laid over him when he awakened to ask for help and told the medics he could not feel his legs.  When he woke up in the hospital several days later, the doctors told him that he was a paraplegic who would never walk again and would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Rick spent the following year trying to recover mentally and physically from his injury, as well as needing to learn how to function from a chair.  Life was a challenge to the point that all Rick could think about was getting out of that hospital, just so he could go home, get his rifle and end his pain, but yet he always worried for his family and most importantly his son and the legacy he would leave for him.  It was a long road for Rick to regain his ability to take care of himself, become independent and actually feel like he had something to give.  His goals were to drive, be independent and to learn how to hunt (his passion) from a wheelchair.  He has accomplished all of his goals and so much more.

With his service dog Cassidy by his side, Rick has worked hard to use his experiences to help young people recognize that they are not indestructible and to use their heads to think through risky behaviors.  He has spoken to thousands of teens on the dangers of risky behaviors and the impact that those behaviors can have on them through the "Think First for Teens Prevention Program".  Rick can testify on a very personal level regarding these dangers and let the kids know how it can happen to them.  Rick also uses his experience to speak as a peer visitor to the local hospitals to speak and listen to new spinal cord injured patients to help them understand that they do have a future after this catastrophic injury.

In 2005, Rick was presented with the Parkview Hospital "Good Samaritan of the Year" award for his continuing efforts in working with prevention and new spinal cord injured patients performing hospital peer visits.  In 2010 Rick was honored as a National Pathfinders Award for his abilities to provide leadership and overcome challenges.

Rick has taken adversity after suffering from a spinal cord injury and turned it into a winning attitude of "YES I CAN" and helps others to see that there is hope and they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to.  His courage and determination to leave a legacy of hope and courage for the future exemplifies this Everyday Star!