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Terry Ratliff - Artist, Sharon & Tom Casaburo - Everyday Stars (F-6)




Terry Ratliff
Professional Artist

Sharon and Tom Casaburo
Everyday Stars

It is with great pleasure that I honor the Casaburo family with this piece. I met the Casaburo family in 1996 as they were in the process of opening a new restaurant on Dupont Road; they were looking to commission local artists to fill the walls of their restaurant. More than 15 years and 100 paintings later, I have become a surrogate member of their family. The Casaburo’s contributions to the local community, however, does not stop there. The have donated their time, energy and delicious food to Camp Watcha Wanna Do and have supplied S.C.A.N. with countless Brown-bag Lunches. Additionally, the Casaburo family puts on an annual banquet for the volunteers and the Board of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and have contributed to the MD Foundation’s dinner that sends kids to camp