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Paige Sordelet - Artist, Dr. Robert Kimbrough - Everyday Star (F-20)




Paige Sordelet
Student Artist
Carroll High School

Dr. Robert Kimbrough
Everyday Star

Turnstone is a center for children and adults with various physical disabilities. If it had a founding father, Dr. Robert Kimbrough was that person. He had a passion-and compassion-for people with disabilities. He knew about their struggles and was especially dedicated to kids. In 2005, Turnstone opened a childcare early learning center named after Dr. Kimbrough. This is a preschool where children of all abilities can learn and grow together - intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. I chose to represent what Dr. Kimbrough has inspired by painting the turnstone bird. Unlike most birds, Turnstone birds need to turn over stones to reach their food. Turnstones must use nearly every part of their body to turn over heavy objects; sometimes even other birds come to help. This near perfectly embodies the strength and empowering spirit of the disabled people at Turnstone.