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Terrence Jackson - Artist, Don Wolf - Boys & Girls Club - Everyday Star (F-11)




Terrence Jackson
Student Artist
South Side High School

Don Wolf
Everyday Star

In Native American animal symbolism, the wolf is identified as intensely passionate, generous, and gentle.  It is a fitting and accurate description of retired local businessman, Don Wolf, who years ago saw that youth in our community needed social and educational assistance.   In 1972, he created “Big Brothers of Greater Fort Wayne”, an agency providing mentoring relationships for young boys.  This agency evolved into the “Big Brothers/Big Sisters” organization that serves many of our local youth today.  Then, in 1989, Wolf founded the “Study Connection”, a tutoring program that offers homework assistance for students in need. Former CEO of Do-It Best Corporation, Don Wolf has always believed in the power of knowledge, self-discipline, and being community minded.  He also realized that the strength of our future lies in the strength of our youth, and that as a community we must do everything we can to ensure that they have positive role models, quality education, and a supportive environment.  Don Wolf’s name expresses his nature as shared in Native American lore  that of an intensely passionate, generous, and gentle man.