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Katie Wysong - Artist, Pat Teagarden- Everyday Star (F-17)




Katie Wysong
Parkview Staff 

Pat Teagarden
Everyday Star

When I volunteered for the Murosity Project the Everyday Star I immediately thought of was Nancy Teagarden, and how I would love to honor her through her beloved husband, Pat, who died April 10, 2011 at age 59.

Nancy hired me for my first job at Parkview. She has been my boss, my mentor, my advisor, and my good friend.  She has helped my family through some tough times when I had no one else to turn to.

Pat Teagarden was involved in every aspect of soccer in Fort Wayne and the state of Indiana. He taught at Homestead High School for 25 years and coached recreational, travel, middle and high school soccer for 35 years.  He was inducted into the Indiana Soccer Hall of Fame.  When Pat died the comments most often heard were: "what a wonderful friend"; "what an inspirational teacher"; "what a privilege to have him as my coach"; "he believed in each one of us"; "he created camaraderie and friendships in the soccer community"; "he was the greatest person I have ever met"; "he could walk into a room and put a smile on everyone's face"; "he made everyone around him a better person"; "he was a dynamic leader"; "he was insightful and inspiring".  Pat would drive to Homestead on weekends to fix a sprinkler on the soccer field or mow the field because he didn't think it was quite right for his players.  Pat loved his family, loved life, and loved the world of soccer.  

Before he underwent radiation therapy he asked the doctor if he would lose his hair - specifically his signature full red mustache.  When the doctor said his mustache was safe, Pat gave the go ahead.  Pat will be remembered for that beautiful red mustache, the twinkle in his eye, and the smile that could light up a room.  One of Pat's former students wrote of him "the best coached and mentors in life push, encourage, challenge, teach and get us to go places we might not otherwise choose to go.  Pat was a master of all of these characteristics. He was tough, but always gentle, and he wore a smile as easily as anyone I have ever known in life.  I will always remember him as a man of incredible gifts, passion, and boundless energy."  Pat Teagarden will be missed by all who knew him.