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Kathy Lytal - Artist, Ken Hendricks, Sr. - Everyday Star (G-5)




Kathy Lytal
Parkview Staff 

Ken Hendricks Sr.
Everyday Star

I'm honoring Ken Hendricks as an Everyday Star, often termed Everyday Hero as he serves our communities as a paramedic, firefighter, teacher, and mentor.  Ken represents the amazing men and women throughout the region contributing countless hours of EMS, Fire and Police training and emergency response, making a difference in the lives that they serve and save.

Ken's early career as a teacher of health and science at Huntertown School attracted him to emergency medical service at neighboring Huntertown Volunteer Fire Department.  Ken became an Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter in 1977.  In his early days, he occasionally was relieved in his classroom by the school principal as the department siren sounded to respond to an emergency call.  Ken then advanced his role to Paramedic.  He and his partner were awarded the 1986 Governor's Cup in the State Paramedic competition, the same year that he led Huntertown to the State EMS Provider of the Year honor.

Blending his love of teaching and emergency medicine, Ken earned his instructor credentials in EMS including ACLS, ITLS, CPR, and PHTLS.  He has served in numerous EMS training and leadership roles, paying forward his talents as his students touch countless lives themselves.  Ken also serves as a Medic with the Allen County Police Department's SWAT force and as a member of the Northeast Indiana Critical Incident Stress Management team.  Ken's talents have been far reaching, to include his deployment to care for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The special gifts that Ken has given our community are well known by the hundreds of public safety servants (both volunteer and career) that he has educated and mentored...myself included.