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Sherri Miller - Artist, Paul Zurcher - Everyday Star (G-8)




Sherri Miller
Parkview Staff

Paul Zurcher
Everyday Star

Paul Zurcher was one of seven children born to a tenant farmer and his wife on a farm in Adams County. Though the family didn't have much money during the Depression, Zurcher learned many lessons from his upbringing that helped him later as a husband, father, and Christian business owner. A lifelong Christian, Zurcher resolved early in his career to maintain Biblical standards in his personal and professional life: worship God, obey Him and keep the Christian faith; develop effective relationships based on trust; treat everybody with honor, dignity, and respect; be self-disciplined and motivated; do the right thing in the right way; be positive, passionate, enthusiastic; never compromise integrity; plan tomorrow today; enjoy every moment of life. At 88 Paul has extensively given back to the communities in which his more than 250 partner locations in 14 states serves.