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Dr. Brian Lee - Artist, Dr. John and Pat Lee - Everyday Star (G-9)




Dr. Brian Lee
Celebrity Artist

Dr. John and Pat Lee
Everyday Stars

John and Pat Lee have quietly volunteered to help others.    

John W. Lee, MD, FACS has dedicated his life to helping others. Outside of his medical practice he has volunteered in many youth sporting activities  (President of Holy Cross Little League, founder of Gunnar Elliott Ice Arena, intimately involved in Ft. Wayne Youth Hockey) by being present on the sidelines and benches to coach, manage and be trainer for a myriad of sports, teams and thousands of kids.

Pat Lee has focused her life on a more individual basis focusing on the spiritual health of individuals by serving as a Stephen’s Minister, delivering homebound meals and participating in Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) and conducting small group bible study for teenage boys. This individual approach allows for a deep personal relationship.

Whether serving others in large groups or individuals, John and Pat Lee have given the "Generosity" of time and talents and their examples have been an inspiration to bless generations to come.

My painting features the Chinese character for “GENEROSITY” as John Lee is first generation Chinese from immigrant parents from a pre-arranged marriage.  The hockey and baseball characters are adapted from some Olympic game logos representing his generosity to the Gunnar Elliot Ice Arena and Holy Cross Little League baseball.  The central figure of this tile is representative of Christ on the cross as this was the inspiration for Pat Lee’s devotion to individuals by serving home-bound meals, being a Stephen’s Minister as well as a small group bible study to teenage boys.