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Karen Udoh - Artist, Suzy Beard - Everyday Star (G-14)




Karen Udoh
Student Artist
Canterbury High School

Suzy Beard
Everyday Star

Suzy Beard shows so much joy for the work she does. She is a dental hygienist and dental and health educator at Matthew 25 in Fort Wayne. She goes above and beyond for her patients who often are in great need. She does so much volunteering, especially around Christmas, yet she says she can’t do all this without her supporters. They are her loving family, private practice crew and her church family. Suzy has filled over hundreds of food baskets for those in need. Others around Suzy say she "has a big heart” and never turns anybody away.  She is a person who thinks about others before herself and would give anything to them to help them when they are having trouble. Suzy said, "Two things I try to live by, and I fail every day. That is to love God above everything, and to love others. Whether it's your next door neighbor or someone in a nursing home or hospital or someone you work with, the joy you get and rewards, not thinking you're going to get a reward or payback, is way beyond whatever you give to that person.” Suzy attends the church I go to, St. Vincent's Catholic Church, and gives credit to her strong faith for the joy and all that has happen in her life.