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Santa Brink - Artist, Terry Ratliff - Everyday Star (G-13)




Santa Brink
Professional Artist


Terry Ratliff
Everyday Star

Terry Ratliff grew up in Fort Wayne, IN, and has been honored for his artistic work through numerous awards including ‘Whatzup’ Magazine readers’ poll “Best Visual Artist” “Terry’s pieces’ strengths lie in his colorful palate where he lays down colors in various shapes and hues and lets the painting develop from there. “ That is also the colorful  palate of his life.   Terry, the artist philanthropist, shares his talent with countless not for profits without hesitation.  He generously dips his brush into his paints and spreads color throughout the community by donating to  Francine’s Friends, Turnstone, Erin’s House, Allen County Cancer Services, YWCA-Circle Of Women, Easter Seals ARC, Allen County SPCA, Civic Theatre, The Philharmonic, MD Foundation, and Aids Task Force, to name a few, adding hues, dimension and shapes  to the  quality of life to the people in  Northeast Indiana

The image honoring Terry Ratliff is of an artistic  “rat” painting the multihued artist himself.  The painting  within the painting  is my concept of  the green eyed Terry – which is a version of   one of Terry’s own  pieces.