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Vicki Junk Wright - Artist, Emily Hanauer - Everyday Star (H-1)




Vicki Junk Wright
Professional Artist


Emily Hanauer
Everyday Star

When I meet a young person who already understands the power of giving, I am in awe.  One such person is 16 year old Emily Hanauer, a Homestead High School student.  In 4th grade Emily launched her charitable intention by signing up to be a peer tutor the following year for special needs students at her school.  She became an amazing tutor, with a natural ability to relate on multiple levels.  Emily enjoyed this experience so much, she looked for more ways to help others.  She began volunteering with Special Olympics events evenings and weekends, and is now a dedicated helper with basketball, floor hockey, bowling, golf, flag football, swimming, and of course, the annual track event.  Emily furthers her devotion to Special Olympics by mentoring friends and family members to get involved, and by connecting on a personal level.  She and her sister Chelsey often reach out to my 23 year old autistic son, Drew.  They invite him to dinner or lunch and make him feel so loved and included.  

I have portrayed Emily in a candid moment with several Special Olympic athletes.  Always with a hug, she knows just what to say to each of these special needs individuals.  Drew and his friends adore her.  My thanks to Emily Hanauer…who found her giving spirit at a young age, and acts upon that gift with passion and purpose.  Emily…you are an Everyday Star!