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Jeremy Heinold - Artist, Rosetta Moses Hill - Everyday Star (H-6)




Jeremy Heinold
Artist, Parkview Staff 

Rosetta Moses-Hill
Everyday Star

Rosetta Moses-Hill has been on the front lines of education for years, promoting early educational development. A former director of the Allen County Local Education Fund, Rosetta devotes much of her time to making sure that every single student has the opportunity for academic achievement.

She understands the importance of our shared community responsibility to “be there” for each of our young members. Her involvement in local education programs is not limited to generating innovative ideas and initiatives, but also includes personal interaction and instruction with those in need. Because of all that she has done for our community, Rosetta has been honored with many of the most prestigious local accolades for individual efforts in philanthropy and community service.

Rosetta knows that in order to overcome obstacles in our society, we must first conquer them in the classroom. That is why the canvas dedicated to her philanthropy depicts two youngsters scaling a mountain of books.

The difficult task of developing a strong educational foundation for every single child is no easy stroll down a level path, but rather like a never-ending trek up Mount Everest. More progress is made on some days than on others, but for Rosetta, the summit is always in sight. It is her tireless and enduring drive to continue to improve education for every community member that makes Rosetta a true Everyday Star.