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Jan Gilbert - Artist, Frank Martin - Everyday Star (H-14)




Jan Gilbert
Professional Artist

Frank K. Martin
Everyday Star

Frank K. Martin has served his community in many ways including involvement with not-for-profit organizations, mentoring children and being instrumental in the establishment of Indiana University-South Bend in Elkhart.  He believes that education is a critical ingredient for personal, social and economic success but that alone is not enough.  He founded DreamsWork in 2001 to provide students enrolled in the program with one-on-one mentoring by caring adults and a last-dollar scholarship to complement public grants to make their college aspirations a reality.   
The painting symbolizes the evolution of a DreamsWork student from youthful bud to flower, with the basketball and the globe representing the ever-larger circles and responsibilities of life. The cap and diploma with the red tassel and ribbon representing Indiana University are the tangible academic outcome. The tree stands for the eventual maturity and stability of the DreamsWorker as an adult in the larger world. The DreamsWork mentor-student-family bonds often transcend time and the DreamsWorkers themselves often transcend self by “paying it forward,” through helping those who follow.