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Charles Shepard III - Artist, John and Margy Feighner - Everyday Star (H-15)




Charles Shepard III
Celebrity Artist
Fort Wayne Museum of Art
Executive Director

John and Margy Feighner
Everyday Stars

Two of this community's quietest and consistent supporters of arts and culture are better known for  their professional pursuits of law and fine design.  I chose this extraordinary couple because of their passion for the arts and their dedication to doing whatever they can to enhance the cultural landscape of our city and region.  In the midst of a verdant and vibrant Indiana landscape, I painted simple block buildings to symbolize their interest in and contribution to local architecture, most recently evidenced in the expansion and renovation of the Art Museum, a project that John led.  I also added unfilled frames in the sunset-filled sky to symbolize their appreciation of fine art, and to celebrate John's mother's accomplishments in the arts, especially painting.