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Kayne Mettert - Artist, Hana Stith - Everyday Star (G-18)




Kayne Mettert
Student Artist
Northrop High School

Hana Stith
Everyday Star

Known for her compassion for children, Hana Stith has devoted 36 years of her life mentoring and teaching underprivileged children from inner city schools.  She is a well-respected educator with a great love for history and culture, especially that of African-Americans.  While still in high school, Hana became a member of the local NAACP chapter.  During this time she began to realize the importance of preserving the historical record of the local African-American community.  After years of exhaustive research and documentation, Hana co-founded the African-American Historical Society and the African-American Historical Museum of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Today she as curator of the museum and president of the society, she continues her mission to educate the public, ensure the preservation of facts, and provide scholarly research and programs.  We owe a debt of gratitude to this woman…role model, ground-breaker, history maker, who played an active role in her community and raised the bar for us all…live your life with honor and pride.
Hana appears here in front of the home of African-American Historical Museum she founded.