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Santa Brink - Artist, Lynn Reecer - Everyday Star (C-12)




Santa Brink
Professional Artist

Lynn Reecer
Everyday Star

A dream less than a decade ago, a massive project that connected the Aboite Trails with the Rivergreenway became a reality through the driving force of Lynn Reecer, the president and co-founder of Aboite New Trails.  Reecer helped conceive the network of trails, put together a board to oversee the organization, led fundraising efforts, persuaded transportation officials and developers to participate and worked with leaders of other local trail networks. As a result, nearly $10 million and 15 miles of trails later, it is the core of the Aboite Township network. These trails will offer health, safety and recreational benefits to countless people for years to come in our community.  

The image represents the bikers and others who will enjoy Lynn Reecer’s contribution to our community.