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Santa Brink - Artist, Dr. Steve and Joyce Glock - Everyday Stars (D-13)




Santa Brink
Professional Artist

Dr. Steve and Joyce Glock
Everyday Stars

In the1990’s I remember visiting unique, innovative  mental health facilities in other states with Joyce Glock when she was desperately looking for an answer or a model of treatment for children with mental health issues that were falling through the proverbial cracks. Dr. Steve and Joyce Glock were the impetus behind Chad’s House and the Carriage House. Their doors opened in 1997. Steve and Joyce were inspired by their son Chad. A handsome IU freshman when I met him, Chad suffered from one of the serious mental illnesses that would be treated at the Carriage House. The house operates under a system of treatment known as the clubhouse model, which was developed in 1947 by ex-patients from the State Hospital in New York City looking for an alternative to traditional therapies. This system of psychosocial treatment encourages the mentally ill to live successful, productive lives. Carriage House helps people go back to work, attend school, and better their lives through meaningful activities, instead of residing in a mental institution or becoming idle on Medicaid. Social interaction is a key ingredient of the clubhouse model. The clubhouse is a place where people come to move on with their lives. To be a member, you must be diagnosed with schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder or schizoaffective disorder. Among the goals of Carriage House is to take away the stigma of mental illness. Mental illness doesn't discriminate.

The image is of how I would see Chad as a young boy, but it could be any child in any family. In the background is the image of the Carriage House that sits on Lake avenue.