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Vicki Junk Wright - Artist, Vec Talarico - Everyday Star (E-16)




Vicki Junk Wright
Professional Artist

Vec Talarico
Everyday Star

We all have a calling.  Some people are good dancers, some are good teachers, some are good story tellers.  And some have a higher calling…to help others.

Vec Talarico, owner of a local beauty salon, found her calling as one of the first facilitators in our area for “Look Good…Feel Better”, an American Cancer Society program developed for women in cancer treatment.  She facilitates this program at the Parkview North Regional Cancer Center.

The effects of treatment can be devastating to physical appearances.  This program provides free classes on how to use makeup, wigs and head coverings to camouflage these effects.  

“When they see that they can look beautiful, they begin to feel beautiful and that empowers them to have a better attitude and outlook.”

This result is an important part of recovery…Vec knows that each woman who has attended a “Look Good…Feel Better” session leaves much stronger and more confident.  Over the last 11 years Vec has worked with more than a hundred women and is still awed by their courage and resolve.  She feels honored to be able to help women face the challenge of cancer with tenacity and purpose.

In 2006, Vec received the “Sunshine Award” for her service to the program in Indiana. This award recognizes her commitment in training others and keeping our area program strong.