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Terry Ratliff - Artist, Dottie Davis - Everyday Star (G-1)




Terry Ratliff
Professional Artist

Dottie Davis
Everyday Star

Dottie Davis was raised by a mother who always gave back to the community, and she taught Dottie to do the same.

Dottie is Deputy Chief of the FWPD, where she serves as 3rd in command. She is involved in many causes; she is on the board for Mental Health America, The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the Mayor's Rape Task Force which raises awareness about rape by teaching doctors and law enforcement how to deal with such a tragedy.  She is also the Chair for the Women's Bureau and is a supporter of the YWCA's Circle of Women, which provides shelter for women who cannot return to their homes.

In my painting I tried to evoke the image of her providing an umbrella of shelter and hope to those whom otherwise would have nowhere else to go.

Deputy Chief Davis has embodied the true definition of generosity by empowering women through her knowledge of what it takes to survive, and to teach us that no one has to live in a world of fear.