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Santa Brink - Artist, Otto Bonahoom - Everyday Stars (D-12)




Santa Brink
Professional Artist

Otto Bonahoom
Everyday Star

Being homeless can happen to anyone at anytime. It turns your world upside down. It is the mission of Vincent House and Vincent Village to provide shelter, care, advocacy, affordable housing and supportive services for homeless families in order to help them build strength and strive to become independent, productive members of a community. Otto Bonahoom, founder and president, was instrumental in creating this facility rooted in a belief in God, and under the direction of a diverse board that seeks to affirm the dignity of life for all served.  Otto has also served our community as an organizer and chairman of Free Legal Clinics sponsored by the Allen County Bar Association and Matthew 25.

The image represents humankind, the lower half of the canvas in the bright shades of yellow and green represent hope.  The figure above that is upside down represents the despair that can be felt through homelessness. Otto turns that world back around for families through his efforts at Vincent House and Vincent Village.