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Vicki Junk Wright - Artist, Anne Martin - Everyday Star (C-2)




Vicki Junk Wright
Professional Artist

Anne Martin
Everyday Star
Community Volunteer

As a Special Education teacher for more than 30 years, Anne Martin has a natural ability to look past handicaps to see the beauty and potential in each child she teaches.  But teaching is much more than a profession for Anne…it’s a commitment - a sense of responsibility she feels to help others.  Early in her career, Anne became the legal guardian for one of her students.  To this day she continues to assure that the individual is provided for, that he has a family to spend birthdays and holidays with.  

Anne spends her life in service to others…volunteering, organizing, inspiring.  She collects, wraps, and delivers gifts at Christmas for needy families.  She gave her time and talent assisting several summers for a local art camp that includes special needs children in its program.  And she encourages and mentors parents to be better advocates for their children.

Actions speak louder than words…Anne’s actions are all about helping others, especially the children she has dedicated her life to teaching.