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Jacob Drapala - Artist, Pam Pinkston - Everyday Star (H-10)




Jacob Drapala
Student Artist
Canterbury High School

Pam Pinkston
Everyday Star

Among other things, Fort Wayne is known as the “City of Parks”.  Over 80 parks and boulevards including legacy parks, historic parks, playgrounds, pools, trails, golf courses, camps, and gardens.  Although Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation has a staff of arborists, landscapers, and gardeners, there is a special person who has a special affection for Foster Park, Pam Pinkston.  Her selfless dedication to this historic neighborhood park ensures that we are all able to enjoy the splendor of luscious, colorful flowers.  She works rain or shine, always smiling and friendly to those who pass by…her only payment is the appreciation of her neighbors and, of course, the satisfaction of a well-manicured garden.  Pam’s efforts to maintain the Foster Park flora is a gift to the city.  We all benefit from her green thumb!