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Katelynn Capps - Artist, Nicole Fultz, FW Gay Pride - Everyday Star (H-18)




Katelynn Capps
Student Artist
Northrop High School

Nicole (Nikki) Fultz
Everyday Star

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) movement is an arduous undertaking, and is advancing by leaps and bounds.  Public polling shows that support is not leveling off, but accelerating.  However, broad gains in social acceptance and equality don’t begin to tell the whole story.  It’s the local initiatives that put life into this effort.  Locally, Fort Wayne Pride supports this effort.  Its director, Nicole (Nikki) Fultz, has a mission to bring the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people together, enabling them to be themselves.  Events year round are designed to educate and unite the LGBT and straight communities; and assist teens, adults, and their families with the process of “coming out of the closet”.  Each summer the Fort Wayne Pride Festival (part of a worldwide network) celebrates diversity, dignity, and change.  Nikki secures sponsors, vendors, entertainment, KidSpace, and schedules workshops for this two-day event, the second largest in Indiana.  Her longtime commitment to the LGBT movement in our community cultivates an environment of self-respect, confidence, and pride. 

I have chosen the lion to represent this sense of pride and self-worth.  It is symbolic of courage, justice, and honor…traits that Nikki demonstrates every day. 

“I love the pride whose measure is its own eminence and not the insignificance of someone else.”
Franz Grillparzer