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Leah Widdicombe - Artist, Karen Hoag, Black Pine - Everyday Star (H-20)




Leah Widdicombe
Student Artist
Carroll High School

Karen Hoag
Everyday Star

Karen Hoag, animal lover, is the founder of Black Pine Animal Sanctuary which she started in the 1980's. Karen has given a retirement home to hundreds of animals such as big cats, primates, bears, birds, reptiles, and other exotic creatures in the Northeast Indiana region. At her Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit organization, animals are assured a good, permanent home and that someone will always be there to care for them. Karen’s lifelong passion for animals is responsible for what Black Pine has become today. In her full time job at the Sanctuary since 1995, she currently serves as secretary of the sanctuary's board of directors and stays involved with the growth and success of Black Pine. Thanks to her striking knowledge of animals and dedication to their thriving, Karen's vision of a safe haven for the rescued and retired exotic animals is a great success. She also works to enhance the public's knowledge about these animals.