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Cyril Shi - Artist, Shane Hietbrink, Everyday Star (A-12)




Cyril Shi
Student Artist
Leo High School

Shane Hietbrink
Everyday Star

“The more you give, the more you get.” Just like what he has been told, it is his creed and helps the people around him as much as he can.

April 16th, 2011, it was a normal day as usual to anybody else, but it was a special day for me. At that day, I needed to take a very important English test in South Bend, very much necessary for my application to universities. And it would be my last chance to take the test before the deadline of the most of universities.  I, for a long time, had been looking for anybody who was willing to help me, but many of them were either busy or did not want to do it, as it would waste almost half of their day. But fortunately, Shane Hietbrink approached me and said he was willing to help me out. And on that day, he actually did everything he could to send me there responsibly. I really appreciated that and told him I was going to pay him for it, but he told me that he was not doing it for money.

There is a saying that goes like: “If someone gives me a drop of water, I return a ocean back to him.” Even though this might not look like a significant thing for somebody else, I really appreciated it.