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Mural to salute ‘everyday stars'


Parkview, artists unite in colorful tribute to local heroes

By Ellie Bogue
of The News-Sentinel

A project uniting local artists, high school students, celebrities, Parkview staff and everyday stars is under way.

The Parkview Foundation and artists Vicki Junk-Wright and Santa Brink developed the idea. The “Murosity” project, a combination of the words mural and generosity, is a large mural composed of 160 panels.

An initial painting was created, depicting the local area, then a grid was created over the picture to break it into 160 sections. Each section is made into a separate canvas. When all the sections are put together, they create the original painting.

On each separate canvas, an artist, student, Parkview employee or local celebrity is painting a conceptual portrait of an “Everyday Star”– a local person who the painter feels goes above and beyond everyday life to make it a better place.

So far, high school students have picked subjects from philanthropist and arts supporter Mimi Rolland to Tracie Martin, co-founder of Erin's House. Starting June 7, the “adults” will be brought into the process as painters.

The trick, said Junk-Wright, is to pick a section of the painting that matches the colors of your subject. The shapes and colors on the original canvas cannot be changed, so they must be worked into the design.

When complete, it will hang in the lobby of the new Parkview Regional Medical Center emergency room. The idea, said Junk-Wright, was to give people something to look at to take their mind off waiting.

Junk-Wright had tried a similar project in her art class at Canterbury High School and found it successful. Joining Junk-Wright and Santa Brink on the artists' panel are Karen Moriarty, Teri Marquardt, Penny French-Deal and Terry Ratliff, who offer artist workshops for the students, employees and local celebrities. Local artists who participate will be chosen through a jury process.

High school students are working with the artists to get exposure to the art world. The project will be finished by Nov. 1.