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Jayce McBride - Artist, John Tippman - Everyday Star (A-5)




Jayce McBride
Student Artist
Heritage High School

John Tippmann
Everyday Star

Growing up with 15 siblings, John Tippmann learned the value of hard work. His family ran several family businesses with all his brothers and sisters helping out in different ways. As a kid, John cleaned equipment, ran a refrigerated warehouse and even managed real estate. Now, though he’s busy teaching business skills to his own six children, John makes the time to support charitable businesses. He donates his business expertise to Vincent’s House, Matthew 25 Health and Dental Clinic and the Women’s Care Center which helps pregnant women when they need guidance. John Tippmann’s efforts have helped these charities remain viable, so that they can reach out and give help to those in need in many, many ways. John is a truly generous Everyday Star!