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Paige Vandergriff - Artist, Peggy Albertson, Project Linus - Everyday Star (A-7)




Paige Vandergriff
Student Artist
Blackhawk High School

Peggy Albertson
Everyday Star

From its origins on Christmas Eve 1995, Project Linus brings compassion to kids across the country as they give handmade blankets to hospitalized children, families of fallen soldiers and victims of abuse. No one embodies this empathy like Peggy Albertson, Chapter Coordinator for Project Linus in Fort Wayne. Peggy shares much in common with the group’s founder, Karen Loucks, who started the project after reading about a cancer-stricken child who was comforted by blankets. Albertson herself had a similar revelation when she saw her friend embrace her newborn in church one morning. It was staggering Peggy to think that many children would never receive such love and nurturing, so she seized the moment and established a Project Linus Chapter in Fort Wayne. She has organized and managed the blanket collections and distributions around the city for seven years. Peggy and her team of dedicated volunteers meet Wednesdays and Saturdays to make these healing blankets, sort donations and plan deliveries to those who need the loving energy that comes in the blankets. Peggy Albertson personifies the Project Linus mission:  giving love and security to children in need.