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Michelle Marqueling - Artist, Miss Virginia - Everyday Star (C-5)




Michelle Marqueling
Student Artist
Bishop Dwenger High School

Miss Virginia
Everyday Star

In 1954, the nurse Virginia Schrantz moved into Holy Family Center house at Hugh and Francis streets to serve her community. Her Mother Teresa-like charities became so wide and consuming that she moved her growing operation into her home at 1312 Hanna Street.  It was there on Hanna Street in Fort Wayne that she became known as “Miss Virginia” for her sacrifice and works for the poor. She never locked her door and often got up in the night to make coffee and food when people would come for a place to rest. Miss Virginia’s Mission House still serves the needy today from that same old house. A food pantry, clothing and medical exams are given weekly to the city’s impoverished solely by volunteers, many who worked with Miss Virginia. It is now over a decade since her death and her spirit of service still lives on in the Fort Wayne community.

The image of Miss Virginia is depicted by the Mission House with a line of people  outside representing all those many needy people who benefited from her never ending generosity.