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Whitney Walker - Artist, Ian & Mimi Rolland - Everyday Stars (D-4)




Whitney Walker
Student Artist
Snider High School

Mimi & Ian Rolland
Everyday Stars

Altruist: Someone who is unselfishly concerned for and devoted to the welfare of others.  

No two human beings embody this term more so than Ian and Mimi Rolland. Through their magnanimous support of numerous charities, Ian and Mimi have helped bridge the gap between resources and needs.  Together they were instrumental in the creation and development of the East Wayne Street Center which serves the central city neighborhood, and houses the city’s first  Head Start program.  They continue to actively support Anthony Wayne Services (AWS), a foundation that supports non-profit organizations providing socialization and intellectual programs for disabled individuals.  Mimi takes a particular interest in the arts, and is responsible for the Mimi and Ian Rolland Art and Visual Communications Center at St. Francis University.  While they both have a penchant for education, Ian has an on-going commitment to educational programs and organizations.  And as a successful and influential corporate leader, he serves on numerous boards.  Ian and Mimi are like a house with an open door, welcoming the community.  Their countless interests form a collage of arts, education, and public service.