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Laurita Colvin - Artist, George & Gladys Middleton, Eagles Nest - Everyday Stars (E-5)




Laurita Colvin, Student Artist, Canterbury High School

George & Gladys Middleton, Everyday Stars
Eagles Nest

George Middleton is a true Everyday Star. He is the founder of the Eagle’s Nest Youth Centre. Middleton has created a youth center that has inspired and saved many young people’s lives. He allows the children to come and feel as if they’re at home. The center is truly a safe haven for young kids allowing them to spread their wings and fly by protecting them from outside danger.  Being an African American, Middleton can relate to another young African American, and understanding the struggles and racism one might face in today’s society.  Not only has he inspired young African Americans, he has helped kids from all ages, and all races.

Middleton has a passion for young people and leading them into the right direction.  He gives advice on topics that are affecting today’s youth such as drugs, violence, and unprotected sex. He and his wife teach everyday life skills that help kids to be successful. This is a great place that gives our youth new opportunities to explore and go beyond their boundaries in life.  Middleton is a true a Everyday Star that is going to forever shine on the community.