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Eric Jones - Artist, Josh Blauser - Everyday Star (F-12)




Eric Jones
Student Artist
Leo High School

Josh Blauser
Everyday Star

There is a quote from Mother Teresa that personifies Josh Blauser.  “We cannot do great things on this earth, only small things with great love.”  Josh pours love, grace and gratitude into everything he does, no matter how small the task.  He is a friend to everyone he meets; and a helper to anyone in need.  He devotes much of his time volunteering at Leo United Methodist Church taking kids out each week to help the homeless; working at numerous camps; and going on mission trips.  Love is just another word until someone gives it meaning…Josh is that someone.  His actions show people what love really is: caring, sharing, helping, and sacrificing.  He gives and gives, and then gives some more.  That’s just the kind of person Josh is…a person of great depth in character and spirit who touches so many with his affection for others.