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Brandon Long - Artist, Dennis and Mary Tippmann - Everyday Stars (G-2)




Brandon Long, Student Artist, Norwell High School

Dennis and Mary Tippmann Sr., Everyday Stars

Dennis is the paint ball king and founder of Tippmann Pneumatics Inc., Dennis Tippmann Sr. is an idealist with a mission.  He believes everyone deserves basic human needs…food, shelter, healthcare.

As Executive Director of the Charlie Tippman Foundation, Dennis  with his wife Mary ,oversee donations made to several non-profit organizations in Fort Wayne.  These organizations include: Matthew 25 which provides free health and dental care to uninsured and low income individuals; the Women’s Care Center which provides counseling and health services for pregnant women and new mothers; the Franciscan Center which serves the food and medicinal needs of the less fortunate; and Vincent Village which provides shelter, affordable housing and support services for the homeless.  Utilizing the business acumen he has gained while propelling his company into a highly successful and internationally recognized manufacturer of paintball gear and equipment, Dennis is a watchful, caring steward of the Foundation’s efforts.  It’s an exhaustive responsibility he takes very seriously, and those who benefit are proof of his dedication.   

The paint splats represent Dennis and Mary’s personal success.  The mother with her infant and the three men standing in a food line represent  just a few of the many who have been helped by the organizations that Dennis and the Foundation work so hard to support.