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Leah Dornseif - Artist, Jane Surbeck - Everyday Star (B-4)




Leah Dornseif
Student Artist
Heritage High School 


Jane Surbeck
Everyday Star

Merry Christmas…and to all a good night!

It’s a sentiment we all have heard.  Unfortunately, not everyone experiences that joy.   Each year hundreds of needy families and individuals are served by the Allen County Christmas Bureau receiving the food and gifts that make Christmas a joyous holiday.   With hard work, devotion, and enthusiasm, Jane  Surbeck has spearheaded the transformation of the Allen County Christmas Bureau into the highly successful organization it is today.  Jane continues to give to many organizations in Fort Wayne area for over 25 years.  Three Rivers Festival, depicted by the fireworks and Eagles’ Nest are just two other not for profit organizations that our community benefits from due to Jane’s continual dedication. Jane takes the spirit of Christmas to heart everyday.