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Morgan Howald - Artist, Taylor Reuille Boundless Playground - Everyday Star (G-11)




Morgan Howald
Student Artist
Angola High School

Taylor Reuille
Everyday Star

For the Parkview Hospital Mural, each individual had to choose a person in our community that they considered an “Everyday Star”. I wanted my main focus to be on teenagers and how they can make a difference too. I found that Taylor Reuille was the perfect example of a young teen making an impact on our community . She decided to organize a Boundless playground in the Fort Wayne.  The Boundless Playground is a place where children with  or without disabilities are able to play together. This is a great opportunity for children to interact and not worry about restrictions. Taylor felt the need for these children to have a place to be themselves. The fact that she realized this need and put the time and effort into organizing and building it is a truly inspirational story.