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Yohualli Hernandez - Artist, Rosa Gerra - Everyday Star (G-17)




Yohualli Hernandez
Student Artist
North Side High School

Rosa A. Gerra
Everyday Star

Rosa A. Gerra and United Hispanic Americans.

During the late 60’s the Hispanic population, although growing, was seen as a minority and their voices were left unheard. All this changed when Rosa Gerra and a small group of Hispanic visionaries had a dream to address the concerns and injustices of the Hispanic community and organized United Mexican Americans, Inc. Rosa has been a key force in improving the quality of life in the areas of health, education, and self-reliance for Hispanics through her advocacy, programs, and services. Rosa and her team have taken the responsibility to engage people, cultivate leaders, and empower the community improving the quality of life in the areas of education, community engagement, and self reliance for Latinos over the last 36 years.