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Sadie Dillon - Artist, Pat Miller - Everyday Star (C-8)




Sadie Dillon, Student Artist, Norwell High School


Pat Miller,
Everyday Star

Patricia Miller co-founded Vera Bradley Inc. in 1982. She has served as Co-President since 1982. Ms. Miller has provided leadership and direction to the business. She has regularly provided a face for the company. In June of 2010, Ms. Miller was appointed National Spokesperson for the company. She accomplished all of these tasks within the company, while outside of the company she has accomplished even more. She served as the first Secretary of Commerce for the State of Indiana. Ms. Miller has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation from 2005 to 2006. Her most recent personal awards include the Ball State University Indiana Women of Achievement Award for Entrepreneurship in 2006. Also in 2008, she received the Indiana Historical Society Indiana Living Legend Award. Ms. Miller serves as a director for the Indiana University Foundation and for the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. She provides insight and perspective on general strategic and business matters, stemming from her executive and finance experience as Secretary of Commerce for the State of Indiana and as Chief Executive Officer of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

I chose Patricia Miller as my everyday star because we have had close family friends who have had breast cancer before. Breast cancer is a horrible disease that can take someone’s life. One of our family friends got breast cancer right after she broke her leg. She just got done making trips to the hospital, when all of a sudden she was back in the hospital being diagnosed with breast cancer. I watched my friend experience it all from chemotherapy to having to have her head shaved. Breast cancer is not anything that someone should have to experience. Overall, I really appreciate that Patricia Miller co-founded Vera Bradley, and in turn is helping to find and fund a cure for breast cancer. This image represents one of the many Vera Bradley designs and the bike represents just one of the many fundraisers held by the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.